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By navigating and using this website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out here. If the user disagrees with some of the terms, he shall refrain from using the site and the services available, otherwise the user accepts all terms of use. STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON reserve the right to amend these terms without prior notice to you.


For access to be provided to online store it is necessary that you first become a member of  STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON by filling in your contact information (name, address, e-mail, username and password).

The orders must be made in written form through the internet by filling in the order service online on the website STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON

The orders are valid only when they have been received by STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON  and the customer receives a confirmation  of the order on the given mail address. The customer is obliged to check the order confirmation within 24 hours from receiving the confirmation mail. In case of any mistake please inform us immediately by written e-mail, otherwise the order is taken for granted.


Once you have placed your order you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all details. Please note down the number of the order in case you need to get in contact with us.


We cannot make changes on an existing order if it has been settled into the system of STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON. You can cancel and create a new one without extra charges as long as the order has not already been given to the freight company. You can request to send you the rest of the available products in your order.


You can cancel your order by sending mail to info@starlamp.gr up to 3 working days after its placing.

Depending on the status of your order, we will inform you of the choices you have. If the customer cancels the order while the package is already to the freight company, the customer must pay the freight expenses (delivery cost and return fee).


Orders are sent all over Greece.

For orders over 100€ you get a free delivery all over Greece with transport companies in your area.

For orders under 100€, the shipping cost  is upon the customer.

There is the possibility of being sent  by courier to your charge.

There is the possibility of to being sent to  Cyprus after a telephone briefing by Cuprys Airways   with your charge.

The orders abroad will be performed after communication with the user (by e-mail), and taking into consideration their preference of transfer.

Deliveries are usually completed within 10 working days.

STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON tries its best but is not responsible for delays in the delivery which are caused by situations out of its control. In such cases it is possible that the delivery will have an extra delay.

The property of the products is transmitted after the complete payoff. The merchandises travel on behalf of the customer.


If you want to return products, the return fee is paid by you.

There is no refund

In products of special offer there is no exchange.

Conditions Returns Not Defective Products

  • You contact by e-mail with STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON within 2 working days from the date you received the products and inform us of the number of order and the date.
  • The products are in exactly same condition as you bought them and has not been opened or used
  • The products are accompanied with the receipt or delivery note.

If  STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON  send you a mail where it is written that the company agrees with  the return of the products, you can send them to the address of the company.

We advice that when you receive your order, check (in the presence of the freight company) that the box is closed.

In case you find some problem please contact us at info@starlamp.gr within 2 working days.

All packages are inspected carefully before they get send.

Defective Products

If a product turns out to have problem from production, contact with us and the freight cost is also on STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON. The product will get repaired depending on the situation and will be sent back to you on our expense.

If the product cannot be  fixed you can choose another product of same value.

We can only accept as problem if the damage is from production. If we see that the product has been damaged with the responsibility of the customer, we don’t accept it. The product will be sent back to you in same condition and the shipping cost is yours.

The products are accompanied with the receipt.


All retail prices are inclusive of VAT. Ordering products targeted at residents of other countries may include duties, fees or taxes. These amounts shall be bome entirely by the user and paid by them.

STARLAMP - CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON maybe adjust the prices, if it is necessary.

The payment can be done with:

1) Deposit in bank account of the following bank accounts:


EUROBANK Account No: 0026.0336.70.0200074224
IBAN: GR6402603360000700200074224

NATIONAL BANK Account No: 864/440104-24
IBAN: GR20 0110 8640 0000 8644 4010 424

Send the payment receipt by fax at +30 23920 72601 or by email at info@starlamp.gr

2) Payment by credit card VISA, MASTERCARD, PREPAID CARD

When the transfer has been completed please scan / fax us a copy of it to +30 23920 72601 or to our e-mail at info@starlamp.gr


STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON handles your information securely and properly so that the information cannot be read by anyone. We care for  your security when you buy from our online shop. The encryption technology SSL 128-bit ensures a high level of security, which means it is safe to pay by card on our e-shop.

All the banking information is confidential.

STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON  for security reasons does not use any credit card for future use, therefore the user must enter the card information every time they want to buy a product.

With the introduction of the required credit card, the user states that he has the legal right to use the credit card.


The content of the website maybe changed, updated from time to time. We don’t inform customers separately about the changes. The changes will be valid from the time they get upgraded on the website. We therefore suggest the visitors to read the terms of use when making online shopping in case there has been any change since their last visit on the e-shop. While we try and ensure that all details and prices which appear on this website are accurate, errors may occur.  If you discover an error, please inform us by e-mail.


STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON Company created the present electronic shop to serve our customers. In order to achieve this it is necessary to provide us with certain information that is are secured by the company.

User’s data processing and protection agree to the terms and conditions of the relevant Greek and the European Union Law. In this context, any charge of the terms of the privacy policy, that are presented, should not use the services of the STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON Company.

The STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON Company saves records of personal data that are used in order users to have instant and real communication with the shop, to receive answers to certain questions and to complete their orders.

The user can contact the company in order to ask confirmation the existence of his personal file, correction or change.

The purpose of the data collection is not count the number of visitors, to specify their requirements, in order to collect statistics about our products.

The present website protects users’ private data and would not transmit them to the third part for any reason, excluding certain laws and only to competent authorities.

The STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON has designed this website so that the users can visit it without being obliged to reveal their identity, expect if do want to.

If you use the present website you agree to the terms that have been announced though it.


Non personal data are collected in this website, using certain technologies such as cookies. The cookies are small text files that are saved in every user’s / visitor’s hard disk and they do not receive any information about documents or files and they do not try to indentify the computer with the user. Cookies are used to facilitate access as far as the use of certain services or / and websites are concerned for statistical purposes and in order to indentify areas that are useful or popular.

Non personal data can also include they type of browser that the user/ visitor uses, the type of computer, the operating system and other similar information.

The user/ visitor can set the web browser so that he will be informed about the use of “cookies” in certain services or not disable them. In case the user/ visitor of particular services an d websites do not wish the use of cookies for his identification, may have limited access to some of the services , uses or operations that are provided by the  STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON.


To subscribe to our newsletter, it is necessary the user to provide a valid e-mail address that is used in order information messages that concern new products or offers to be sent. The user preserves the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter of STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON, whenever wishes to.


The present terms are protected by the Greek and international laws. If any disagreement that arises among all contracting parties, the Greek law is implemented. If any disagreement arises, despite the user’s residence, competent authority is the Court of Thessaloniki.


The website of STARLAMP- CHATZIIOANNOU K. & SON includes texts, photos, design, table of contents, or anything else is protected by the copyright laws. Reproduction and republishing of material of web pages of this website are forbidden without the right holder’s written permission.