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Πεντάφωτο οροφής στρόγγυλο EDISON 436

Πεντάφωτο οροφής στρόγγυλο EDISON 436

Πεντάφωτο οροφής φωτιστικό vintage μεταλλικό με υφασμάτινο διακοσμητικό χρυσό καλώδιο, σε μαύρη, καφέ ή οξυντέ χαλκό απόχρωση με λαμπτήρες EDISON ντιμαριζόμενες και δυνατότητα τοποθέτησης LED.
D 40
H 120

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Additional Info

Additional Information

Color Temperature (Kelvin) N/A
Φωτιστικα Lighting Type Ceiling Light
Φωτιστικα Room Living - Dining Room

After Sales Service

Our company, dedicated to the creation of a relationship with the customers, based on trust, is committed to providing after sales service. Due to the fact that we are a medium –sized enterprise we offer immediate support. You can easily find spare glass, crystal, Plexiglass. We can also answer all your questions concerning lighting and your rooms.

Telephone Support

It is our greatest pleasure to help you if you face any problems concerning the combination and placement of the luminaries in your place. Feel free to contact and consult us. In order to help you in a better way, attach pictures of your rooms to get the best possible result.